The Post


       4 x 4 x 8 square cedar posts are readily available. Some prefer to mount their Birdello a bit higher, so go with a 10 post

       Anything smaller than a 4 x 4 looks too flimsy

The Hole

       Dig a 2 deep hole, keeping the diameter no larger than 12

       Place post in hole and with a level be sure it is vertical/straight

       Purchase a 25# bag of quick setting concrete (not cement), pour into hole around the post and add water per instructions on the bag.

       Allow to set and dry overnight


Mounting the Birdello on the Post

       Each Birdello has a mounting plate on the base (a reinforced section of the base)

       Find the exact center of the plate and place the Birdello on top of the center of the post. Attach four (4) 2 angle irons to each side of the post to

the bottom of the Birdello. See photo